Project History

Project underway is to facilitate our own Live Broadcast Platform. For now, we present pre-recorded shows and a launch of 2 new shows soon to be published. We are also engaged in a Facebook Group Herbal Knowledge Keepers with ongoing question and answers and feedback from prior archived episodes.

Full Bloom recently launched a Facebook page that is yet to be announced and an active place for viewing and commenting upon all Full Bloom Productions events and broadcasts. Visit our YouTube Channel to catch up with a vast and diverse collection of shows to date.

GET Lit was a Live Broadcast that was launched in March of 2015 through May 2017 including a final tally of 75 shows. The platform for these broadcasts was international on CCN, Conscious Consumer Rebecca Hahn, my co-Host and myself Blue Star Deerwomon included several guests throughout this series.

D’Coda Grannywoman, one of our guests eventually was included in an ongoing show, Herbal Knowledge Keepers. Another 2 guests will shortly be premiering their shows, Enthusing Humon Potential and The New Compass.

In May of 2017 we decided it was time to launch these shows completely under the umbrella of Full Bloom Productions. With a new website creation and presentation of continued and pre-recorded shows we are now housing the archived videos here.

Projects Archive for Full Bloom Productions

Projects 2015 Thru 2017 And Still Going 

Episodes List 1st 80 Broadcast Shows Are GET LIT followed by
Herbal Knowledge Keepers

1  26 March 2015

2  2 April 2015

3  Blue & Rebecca Interview Each Other 9 April 2015

4. 16 April 2015

5.  23 April 2015

6.  Dance As A Metaphor Guest Tamarah Jonason 30 April 2015

7.  7 May 2015

8.  14 May 2015

9.   21 May 2015

10  28 May 2015

11 What If A Conscious Death Was Humonity’s Soul Purpose 4 June 2015

12 11 June 2015

13 18 June 2015

14 25 June 2015

15 1 July 2015

16 8 July 2015

17 18 July 2015.   

18 Eureka Springs Red Tent Sisters 25 July 2015

19 Lose The Suit Guests Tomas Quebec & Christian Alexander1 August 2015

20 8 August 2015

21 Shamanic Improvisation 15 August 2015

22 Justin Deschamp and Julian Robles 22 August 2015

23 Dedication to Julian Robles 29 August 2015

24 Education for Freedom, Demystify Propaganda 5 September 2015

25 Chasing Our Own Tails12 September 2015

26 Grasping At Straws 19 September 2015

29 Clear Light – How To Sage Instead of Age 26 September 2015

30 Education and Law with Guest Eric Scheunemann 17 October 2015

31 Symptoms and Signs of The Times 21 October 2015

32 Introducing D’Coda Grannywoman 29 October 2015

33 Radiation Protection – St. Louis Is Hot!

34 Botanicals Can Help with fluoride, cadmium, arsenic, various xenoestrogens…in the water

35 Latest Thought – We Are All Refugees

36 The Great Alone

37 Try Absence of Discrimination

38 Memory Complexes and Pre-Fab Traps

39 Stirring The Pot

40 It’s Just Spiritual Dodgeball

41 Buddha Ford Clinic and Jesus Is The Therapist

42 An Exploration of Truth

43 Gen-U-Win

44 Scrambling For Clues – A Transformation

45 Play The Games of The Gods

46 Consciousness, Love and Action

47 In-Oh-Sense – Innocence – Our Origins

48 D’Coda Grannywoman-Botanical Medicine & Adrenal Fatigue

49 Holding Universal Court

50 Springtime Energetics with D’Coda Grannywoman

51 We’re All Addicts

52 Let’s Talk about Death Guest Greta P. Allendorf

53 Un-Stuck Yourself, Un-Fuck Yourself

54 Finding An Affinity of Inter-Galactic Truce

55 I Died of My Own Causes

56 How Do I invite Source To The Table?!

57 Inner ET Disclosure

58 Lost In Translation

59 Psycho-Evolutionary

60 Psycho Evolution- PART TWO

61 Weaving Threads of Past Shows

62 Occupy Your Skin Suit

63 The Soul Speaks- A Healing Manifesto

64 Nearing Completion

65 One Trump Card Shy of A Full Deck

66 Guest- Teresa Campos The 2016 Presidential Election

67 Buddha Ford Clinic

68 Stones of Love Guest Phoenix

69 Empowering Wyminz Voices

70 Springtime Magic with Guest Phoenix

71 Stepping Into Our Power

72 Where Is Your First Attention?

73 Can You Identify Your Own Dictator Qualities and Tendencies?

74 Sustainable Digital Ecology by Sandy Pentland

75 Anyone’s Guess

76 Comfort In The Mystery

77 Go Black ll

78  Free Will vs Assertion of Will

79 Surfing The Crest of The Wave

80 After Source Form Is Archaic

1Herbal Knowledge Keepers Intro to the Database and Medical Marijuana

2 Dementia and Herbal Actions

3 Herbal Knowledge Keepers Intro to the Database and Medical Marijuana

4 Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

5 Herbalism Through Space and Time with Anne Merrill In Berlin

6 Botanicals and Your Bones

7 Herbalism Through Space and Time Part 2

8 Ozark Foraging and Folkways with Brandon Weston

9 Herbal Gardening From A – Z

10 Spagyrics and Medical Astrology with Will Morris

11 Phytotherapy for Osteoarthritis

12 Plants and Pain Relief

13 Uncommon Uses for Common Herbs Pt 1

14 Uncommon Uses of Plantain

15 Uncommon Uses of Milk Thistle Seed

16 Lyme Solutions Part 1a

     Lyme Solutions Part 1b

     Lyme Solutions Part 1c

17 Lyme Solutions Part 1a

Projects 2017

Kimberly Clark Speaks

Think Tank – Hawk Hill eureka Springs, Arkansas


Projects 2016

Interview by BlueStar with Ariel Clark – Siezures & Higher Self

Medical Harm Documentary

2015 Projects

Interview Mahatara Youssef with Blue Star

Interview Karen Lambie with Blue Star

Interview with Young One, Lily

2009 Projects
Project 1Filming, Production and Publication to “YouTube” of

“Disappearance of the Bees” Sequel 2

View Sequel 2 here: Disappearance of the Bees Sequel 2

Open Meadows Grant Received

(View Sequel 1 here: Disappearance of the Bees

Open Meadows Grant Received Open Meadows

Project 2

“The Unplayed String Quartet” and Gallery Exhibition Christopher Lantz

February 8th at Enthios Art Venue

Jewish Community Foundation Grant Received

Project 3

Continued from 2008 Green Resource Website Akashic Sustainability and Directory based upon Green, Sustainable & Affordable Model Dome Home

Project 4

“The String Quartet” (played again by popular request) & Gallery Exhibition

Christopher Lantz

April 14th at Enthios Art Venue

Project 5

“Sacred Path” Shaumbra Dance Theater Company performs for The Goddess Festival

Fayetteville, Arkansas, March 20th and End of April at Enthios Art Venue

2008 Projects

Project 1

Paradigm Performance (Performed by local Mosaic Trio Progressive Ballet Company devoted to the theme of “A Revolution of Human Consciousness”)

Project 2

“Earthdance” live Webcast (Participant of International Live Webcast reaching over 60 countries and 200,000 locations focused on World Peace)

Project 3

Green Resource Website and Directory based upon Green, Sustainable & Affordable Model Dome Home

Project 4

Filming, Production and Publication to “YouTube” of “Disappearance of the Bees” Sequel

View Sequel 1 here: Disappearance of the Bees

2007 Projects

Project 1

Three Workshops of GarageBand/ imovie Workshop

Project 2

Film and Editing of “informing the Future” a multi-media dance transmission/production by the Mosaic Trio Progressive Ballet Company based in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Projcet 3

3 month journey by car through Central America – Creation time for upcoming production “Passages”.

Project 4

Earthdance Webcast featuring Carlo HawkWalker, Peacekeeper and author of World Peace Treaty.

2006 Projects

Project 1

“Informing the Future” A Mosaic Trio, A Progressive Ballet Company Production

A Multi-media Dance Transmission Performance in The Basin Park of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Outdoor event available to public. Donation based. Eight Performances.

Required the implementation and breakdown of a 16’ X 24’ wooden stage for each performance; installation of four cement sculptures; large 3-piece standing sculpture prop of the Maya; sound system and videographers. Guest appearance of renowned composer/conductor Dr. Christopher Lantz, along with The Mosaic Trio Dance Company.

1995 – 2006

During this time research and self-education occurred and a new approach emerged for Full Bloom Productions

1995 Projects

Project 1

A Healing and Health Weekend, Fall 1995

Chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, meditation facilitators and others represented

Featured Presenter, Kim D Fite, D.C.

Project 2

The Wheatland Frolic 1995 and 1996

An annual wimmin’s festival held outside of Lawrence, Kansas

Production of music, art gallery and crafts

Focus of festival is the celebration of wimmin’s art, culture and networking traditions.

Project 3

Walton Art Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas, September 1995

Art/Event representing over 80 Wimmin Artists and Performers

Lobby Presentations held September 8–29 1995

Project 4

WomynVision Eureka Springs, Arkansas, May 1995

This show provided a public, local venue for wimmin’s art and culture. It was a multi-media art gallery and event including performance, workshops, networking and education. Over 120 wimmin artists were represented for a one-month exhibition (May1-31 1995)

WomynVision was a collaborative effort with the Eighth Annual May Fine Arts Festival of Eureka Springs, Arkansas