Herbal Knowledge Keepers

Herbal Knowledge Keepers

Each week D'Coda explores a topic in the herbal database, demonstrating how to access detailed information while offering important information that ties ancient wisdom to today's advanced medical research.

D'Coda is the director and co-founder of the Ozark Herbal Academy and creator of the Ultimate Herbal Database. She's a fifth generation Ozark grannywoman, last in a line going back through her Choctaw grandmothers. 

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Uncommon Uses for Common Herbs Pt 1, Episode 13
Uncommon Uses of Plantain
Uncommon Uses of Milk Thistle
#16a - Lyme Solutions Part 1
#16b - Lyme Solutions Part 1

#16c - Lyme Solutions Part 1
#17a Lyme Solutions / Treatment
#17b - Lyme Solutions / Treatment continued
# 18 - Lyme Solutions / Chronic Lyme & Co-Infections
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