MPU-Media Project Umbrella Launch

Oh My, We are excited about our new launch of Programs! Full Bloom is thriving with wonder, inspiration and expanded care of all sentient be-ings. We aim to share, enthuse, educate and take you on journeys “Between The Worlds”.

“Media Project – Umbrella” A Full Bloom Production is an encapsulation of Media Production by a variety of wymin representing their particular and unique business-creative idea in one location.

MPU offers the necessary tools for Broadcasting, Audio/Video Production, A One-Site Location and Archive of all Media Produced.

Each Leader/Teacher will have their own page, links, integrity of content yet be sharing a one-site, one-location “Media Project – Umbrella” A Full Bloom Production.

“Media Project – Umbrella”

  1. A Network for Media Production
  2. An Umbrella for Wimmin Leaders Presenting Critical And Necessary Voices for Changing The World
  3. One Site-One Collective Voice with many diverse approaches
  4. Dynamic Broadcast Programs
  5. Audio/Video Archive
  6. Cross Reference Links
  7. Crystal Rainbow Bridges of Consciousness
  8. Coach Approach Mentoring

MPU Presents:
“Get Lit” Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn
“Herbal Knowledge Keepers” D’Coda and Blue Star Deerwomon
“Enthusing Humon Potential” Tamara Jonason and Blue Star Deerwomon
“The New Compass”  Phoenix and Blue Star Deerwomon

GET LIT, now approaching its 77th episode Co-Hosted with Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn will continue into this next new series of shows. Stay tuned in for the announcements and viewing via our YouTube Channel.

Right along with a continuation of great shows we have Herbal Knowledge Keepers Co-Hosted with Blue Star Deerwomon and D’Coda GrannyWoman. This program is based upon The Herbal DataBase, a 12 year plus and ongoing entry of over hundreds of thousands of resources, knowledge, wisdom, herbal medicines, pharmaceutical research, videos, presentations and remedies and so much more. D’Coda presents a topic of healing and education each show while we demonstrate how to use The Herbal DataBase…truly a wealth of knowledge.

A new launch coming soon is “Enthusing Humon Potential” Co-Hosted with Blue Star Deerwomon and Tamara Lynn Jonason. These two brilliant and creative wymin take you out-of-the-box and expand consciousness by sharing their views and examinations of the world and what seriously requires change. They demonstrate creativity at its finest and seek to enhance and “Enthuse Humon Potential”. It is very likely dance, spoken word and theatre will emerge on the screen with these two.

Not far behind is yet another show “The New Compass”. Co-Host Blue Star Deerwomon and Phoenix. Ohhh Yeeaaah! Phoenix is introducing an inspiring set of self awareness, evolution and personal development tool “The New Compass: Redefining Our Directions” Phoenix has been a practitioner of the spiritual arts for over 35 years and is a dedicated intuitive reader and presenter on how to empower yourself in navigating the cycles and transformation of life. This will be a daily dose of positive possibility for upliftment and new directions for our viewers.

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Blue Star Deerwomon




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