Full Bloom Productions, Ozark Art, Artists, Healers 501 C3 established 1994 as a Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization embracing charitable and creative causes to:

  • increase the available market and visibility of Ozark Women Artists of all kinds.
  • Expand understanding, acceptance, direction of women’s culture and art, using changing venues that are women-directed and focused, such as galleries, performance spaces and cultural events.
  • To  embrace the concerns of art, healing and culture as the concern of our planet earth.
  • How well we tend to Mother Earth is how well we tend to ourselves. In this regard we have expanded to creating venues of the Art of Sustainability and Self Sufficiency and seeking the balance that feeds all.

Media Project Umbrella

The recipients of these media resources are those sharing a common vision of co-creating a more nurturing environment in the world through education and uplifting, heartfelt messages.

 “Media Project Umbrella” provides media needs for each of the designated individuals and organizations through:

Audio/Video Production

Social Media Networking

Website Development

Live Broadcasting


Present Recipients and Growing are:

“Get Lit” Blue Star Deerwomon and Rebecca Hahn
“Herbal Knowledge Keepers” D’Coda and Blue Star Deerwomon
“Enthusing Humon Potential” Tamara Jonason and Blue Star Deerwomon
“The New Compass”  Phoenix and Blue Star Deerwomon

“Media Project – Umbrella” A Full Bloom Production is an encapsulation of Media Production by a variety of wymin representing their particular and unique business-creative idea in one location.

MPU offers the necessary tools for Broadcasting, Audio/Video Production, A One-Site Location and Archive of all Media Produced.

Each Leader/Teacher will have their own page, links, integrity of content yet be sharing a one-site, one-location “Media Project – Umbrella” A Full Bloom Production.

“Media Project – Umbrella”

  1. A Network for Media Production
  2. An Umbrella for Wimmin Leaders Presenting Critical And Necessary Voices for Changing The World
  3. One Site-One Collective Voice with many diverse approaches
  4. Dynamic Broadcast Programs
  5. Audio/Video Archive
  6. Cross Reference Links
  7. Crystal Rainbow Bridges of Consciousness
  8. Coach Approach Mentoring




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